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Today’s World Requires Flexibility

Flexibility at The Hallwayz means all memberships are month-to-month. If you’re a business looking to operate with options, we work closely with you to fit your needs; if you are stir-crazy working at home, we have flexible coworking memberships. Here we want to meet your needs and give you peace of mind joining our community.


Community & Culture

Our community spans various business, entrepreneurs and professionals. All of them join to not only have a place to work but most importantly to build through collaboration. The Hallwayz ecosystem enhances each member through its workshops, events, connections, collaboration opportunities and various offerings in spaces to cater to any business or professional need.


community & culture


The only coworking ecosystem in King of Prussia. Here you will constantly see a showcase of the community helping each other grow. You will learn so much and gain motivation to build upon what we offer.

The Hallwayz provides my team with the tools to not only have my business in the community but grow it effectively. The options and tools provided give me the assurance that I can build my business and help others.

Dan C.

The Hallwayz provides the best community atmosphere that is open, friendly, productive and helps gain lots of interaction with people using the benefits of the community.


The Hallwayz provides flexibility, affordability and is very entrepreneurial atmosphere. It’s what I can describe between Google and a upscale coffee house, that allows my clients to feel invited while also not being too corporate and all wrapped in a modern work environment.

Tom C.

The Community for Your Business

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