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Article of the Month: 5 Compelling Reasons Why I Ditched My Office For A Coworking Space


I have always loved working alone and it was probably my penchant for seclusion that led me towards the path of internet entrepreneurship in the first place. I had also built a dreary image of coworking spaces in my mind, to me, they were for people who were just getting by. However, last year, I spent one day away from my personal office in a coworking space on the behest of a friend who wanted me to help him write some copy. My experience there that day led me through a series of events that culminated in my ditching my comfortable office in favor of sharing a desk with a heavily bearded guy in a coworking space. As an internet entrepreneur, I thrive on self-motivation and on inspiration from mentors and successful business people. Of all the powerful quotes that often spark my entrepreneurial spirit, the priceless words of Sir Richard Branson stand out: “Whatever your goal is you will never succeed unless you let go of your fears and fly.” I decided to ditch my pre-conceived notions of how solitude could lead to my success and moved into a coworking space. Here is why:

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