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Client Spotlight: Suera Ward & Girls Fix It

Surera Ward is the founder and Managing Member of Girls Fix It, LLC. Girls Fix It is a cell phone, tablet and smart watch repair company. The purpose is to provide repairs affordably and conveniently to consumers and businesses. Most repairs can be completed within 30 minutes, at our location or curbside of the customer’s home\office. Girls Fix It provides these services to Montgomery, Philadelphia and Delaware counties in Pennsylvania and a few bordering cities in Delaware and New Jersey.

Surera stands at the forefront of the fastest moving technology industry trend: consumer electronic repair and maintenance. She is recognized as a thought leader and serial techprenuer. She spent 20 years in the corporate sector leading software development teams for Fortune 500 companies. She also holds a MBA in Business Management from Bloomsburg University.

“In 2019, I experienced my nephew breaking his phone on a regular basis. Every 3 -4 months his screen was broken and we were paying $145-$200 for his iPhone to be fixed. I thought to myself that fixing this phone cannot be that hard. I watched Youtube videos for hours and eventually fixed his phone after a few attempts. After I successfully fixed his phone, he began to tell his friends that I can fix iPhones and save them a lot of money. Within 3 months, I signed up for a cell phone repair online training program and Girls Fix It was born.

I managed Girls Fix It on a part-time basis until 2020 when the pandemic turned the world upside down. It has been an amazing experience and I look forward to opening our new location in North Wales on July 25th.

It’s sad to leave Hallwayz but I know that Bill is proud of our business growth. It has been an extremely helpful and supportive experience working out of Hallwayz. Bill and I talked on a regular basis regarding my business and he always provided great feedback and insight. With his support and encouragement, I made the decision to get a new location so that we can service more customers and receive more exposure.

I highly recommend any new old business to join the Hallwayz community. The camaraderie is unbelievable and you will meet some amazing community members as well which will help you and your business. ”

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