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These are the terms of the Agreement between The Hallwayz, LLC and you the Client. The Hallwayz LLC is to provide space and / or mail services.

The agreement lasts for 30 days and then automatically extends for successive 30 day periods until terminated by you or by us. There is an automatic 2.5% annual increase. The agreement can be ended anytime by you giving 30 days notice in writing. We may terminate your agreement immediately by giving you notice if; (a) you are in breach of one of your obligations which we have given you notice to correct and which you have failed to correct within thirty days of that notice (b) disruptive in the suite (c) abusive to our staff, co-working members or anyone in the facility.

We may notify you that the The Hallwayz LLC services are temporarily unavailable due to weather or other events beyond our reasonable control. We are not liable for any loss as a result of our failure to provide a service as a result of equipment failure, weather, failure of staff or otherwise.

If for any reason we cannot provide you with any service our liability is limited to crediting or returning to you a fair proportion of the relevant fee. To the extent permitted by law, we have no liability whatever for any consequential loss as a result of anything we, or our staff, do or fail to do. Applicable law: Your agreement is interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We both accept the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of such jurisdiction.

Client acknowledges that due to the imperfect nature of all things, The Hallwayz LLC shall not be responsible for damages, direct or consequential, which may result from the failure of The Hallwayz to furnish any service required under this Agreement or agreed to by The Hallwayz LLC.

Client expressly agrees to waive, and agrees not to make any claim for damages, direct or consequential, arising out of any failure to furnish any service any error or omission with respect thereto, or any delay or interruption of the same.

The fee for services, plus any associated taxes / fees which we are required to pay to any governmental authority based on your billing are charged to the bank account or credit card on file. You agree that in the event of rejected credit cards, reasonable collection fees and reasonable attorney fees shall be added to the account, plus any applicable court costs. Client agrees that any collection action by The Hallwayz LLC to recover fees under this agreement may be brought in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. In the event of a successful collection action by The Hallwayz LLC, Client agrees to pay all reasonable and related attorney fees and costs.

The terms of your agreement are confidential. Neither of us must disclose them without the other’s consent unless required to do so by law or an official authority. This obligation continues after your agreement ends.

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